About FitForMe

Our story begins with two friends. One is outside a lot, eats healthy, but doesn't exercise a lot. The other is a sports fanatic, but has a desk job and regularly goes to the pub with colleagues. They both feel good, but of course it can always be better. They discover they both use the same standard dietary supplements. Incomprehensible, find the two, because no two individuals are the same. They develop a unique nutritional test and start a company that specializes in supplements tailored to different individual eating and lifestyle habits.

The world of obesity

Then they notice that more and more people are struggling with severe obesity and that a lot of those people opt for a slimming operation to reclaim their lives. That inspires the two friends! From their passion for health, they dive into the world of obesity and develop a special multivitamin for people with a gastric bypass, which serves as a supplement to the diet.


They decide to continue on this path. They develop multivitamins and other supplements for people with a weight loss surgery, a different multivitamin for each type of surgery. From that moment on FitForMe is the company that helps people who have undergone a slimming operation to supplement their diet.

How we see the world

More and more people suffer from obesity and the effects of being overweight. To counter this more and more operations are being performed. These operations help people lose a significant amount of weight and regain their lives. People become aware that healthy eating and exercise are necessary to maintain a healthy lifestyle and that vitamins and minerals are an essential part thereof.

What is important to us?

We want to inform everyone why it is essential to take vitamins and minerals. After a weight loss surgery, the stomach is much smaller and the body may not get all the nutrients from food alone. Especially for people who have had a slimming operation, taking vitamins and minerals can be the chosen route to supplement their diets.

Our promise to you

At FitForMe we understand your struggle with your weight. You have made the brave decision to undergo a life-changing operation. Your first step to a new and healthy life. Congratulations!

After the operation, it is essential to supplement your diet with customized multivitamins. You consume very little food and most likely no nutrients. From FitForMe we can ensure that you will meet your daily amount of vitamins and minerals. The supplements have been developed according to the latest scientific insights.

You and your health are our number one. That's why we want to give you the very best personal service and deliver a product that helps. We promise you the best quality at an affordable price. And we do that with great pleasure. FitForMe is your biggest ally and supports you to stay healthy. We look forward to assisting you to keep on track.

FitForMe is here for you!