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The success formula behind our products

Every formula for success hides a secret. FitForMe always follows the latest scientific developments and only uses the best ingredients. Together with a passion for health it results in high quality products. Read more about it down below.

Scientific insights

Scientific studies are accomplished in collaboration with the Rijnstate Hospital in Arnhem, the Netherlands. We have also started international research since 2017. We think results of our researches are very important to continuously improve our bariatric supplements.

Produced in the Netherlands

In order to guarantee high quality products, all our supplements are produced by reputable companies in the Netherlands. These companies comply with government legislations and they count with the necessary quality certificates.

Easy to absorb

Dietary supplements vary highly in the quality of ingredients. FitForMe supplements are always composed with only the best variants that can be easily absorbed by the human body.

Free from allergens

A good quality supplement should be expected to cause no allergic reactions. We strive to keep allergens our of supplements. Almost all FitForMe supplements are free from lactose, yeast, gluten, synthetic odors, colors, and flavors.

Special packaging

We prefer to pack almost all our tablets and capsules in special blister packaging. Blister packaging offer good protection against the influence of oxygen, moisture, light and bacteria. They are very hygienic. Supplements for which we do not use blisters, we employ handy and tightly closed jars.