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What surgery did you have?

FitForMe’s multivitamins are tailored to different stomach reduction surgeries. Why? Because the dose is specific per surgery. To select the optimal multivitamin for you, we need to know a little bit more about you.

Why does FitForMe have a different multivitamin per surgery type?

Every human body is different and no surgery is the same. Therefore, taking the right vitamins and minerals in the right dosages is important. Thanks to scientific research, we know which vitamins and minerals you need. Our multivitamins are uniquely formulated. In the right proportions, tailored to your surgery. With this, you get everything you need to support your daily health.
We recommend choosing the product customized for your surgery. Our multivitamins are uniquely formulated. In the right dose, tailored to your surgery. They contain what you need to stay healthy and balanced.
We tailor our multivitamins to the surgery type you have had. This requires some additional information to select the optimal product for you.
Choose your favorite

Capsule or chewable?

We selected the right multivitamin for you based on your surgery. Now choose a capsule or chewable. Our advice? Go for chewable if you have intake problems.

The composition is almost the same, except there's no iron and copper in a chewable tablet. That's because chewing on high doses of iron and copper can be unpleasant. If you choose a chewable, you will receive a separate iron/copper tablet. Take this tablet together with your chew multivitamin. We recommend a chewable if you have intake problems.
A chewable tablet does not contain iron and copper. The reason for this is that chewing on high doses of iron and copper can be unpleasant. It can even hurt. That’s why you get a separate Ferro tablet with iron and copper if you choose chewable multivitamins. Make sure there is a gap of at least 2 hours between the intake of calcium supplements, dairy products and iron (Ferro tablet). Calcium reduces the absorption of iron.
Not for now. We offer capsules or chewable vitamins. The capsule can be opened so you can mix the content with sugar-free applesauce or other sugar-free liquid foods.
Choose your delivery date

Would you like to receive your plan immediately or at your scheduled delivery moment?

We can understand that you have become curious about the new FitForMe product tailord for your surgery type. That's why we offer you the opportunity to receive our product immediately.

Did you order capsules? They will fit through the mailbox. Chewable tablets or protein powder don't fit through the mailbox.
We deliver your multivitamins in 5 working days.
Yes, you can postpone at anytime through My FitForMe account.
Your configured renewal with FitForMe

Your Personalized Plan

Scientifically proven, in the right, safe dose. FitForMe’s tailored multivitamins have everything you need to stay healthy and balanced after surgery. Today, tomorrow, and for a lifetime.

FitForMe's multivitamins don't contain calcium. Calcium decreases the absorption of iron, an important mineral that helps the immune system and supports energy levels. Therefore, our multivitamin includes iron. To ensure you get enough calcium, we have developed Calcium Soft Chew. This chewable contains calcium citrate, a form of calcium that your body absorbs best. Available in a pleasant texture and fresh lemon flavor.
Don't worry! We offer a 30 days trial and refund guarantee on your first order. Contact our customer care team if you need help.
You have enough on your mind leading up to and after your surgery. The last thing you need is to worry about running out of multivitamins. With a Plan, we’ve got you covered. Every 3 months you’ll receive your supply of multivitamins and you’ll save 20% on every order. Change the delivery date, pause, or cancel at anytime without any commitment. Enjoy the convenience of automated renewals and stick easily to your health routine.
We only offer a duration of 3 months, but you can pause at anytime.
Yes, you can postpone or cancel your subscription whenever you want. 10 days before the next shipment, we'll inform you about the delivery.
Both is possible. If you want to pay in parts, choose Klarna and spread your payment by using their monthly account solution.
If you have ordered your new multivitamins from FitForMe, you can change your personal data in your My FitForMe account. Haven't ordered yet? Then you need to inform Baricol.
Please contact customer care. They can help you out.
I don't know what surgery I have had

Free consultation with a dietician

Make an appointment to see together which multivitamin suits you best. Then we will send the right multivitamin to you

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