Continue your healthy journey with FitForMe

Continue your healthy journey with FitForMe

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We have our most recommended Personalized Plan ready for you, consisting of a tailored multivitamin with a separate calcium soft chew.

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Your new improved product & service

With a Personalized Plan(subscription), we make your daily vitamin routine smooth and easy. This means that we take care of everything so that you can focus on the good things in life.

The ease of 1 multivitamin a day

Tailored to your surgery

With separate calcium for better absorption of iron

Every 3 months new multivitamins

30-day money-back guarantee

Save 20% on every order

Free shipping, always

Pause or Cancel anytime

Ask questions to a dietician


Questions about our multivitamins or services?

A Baricol and FitForMe share the great mission to improve quality of life and well-being after weight loss surgery. Together we will help you find balance with qualified multivitamins and the best personal advice. Together as one, we can make more impact by helping more people around the world.

Baricol and FitForMe will continue their services under the name of FitForMe.

The people of Baricol will continue to help you. This means that our service stays the same. The same goes for sharing our knowledge and cooperation with healthcare professionals and hospitals.

Yes we will continue our events for customers such as “Årets minimage” and our popular Instlives

FitForMe multivitamins are tailored to your specific bariatric surgery. You only need 1 multivitamin a day, with separate calcium for better absorption of iron. As you know Baricol has one type of multivitamin and multiple intake moments a day.

From now on we will supply you with FitForMe’s tailored products. They are scientifically proven and have everything you need to stay healthy after surgery. And by taking only 1 multivitamin a day!

Yes you can if you received your order in the last 30 days and the package is unopened and unused.

Yes. Our products are supported by healthcare professionals in the Nordics and around the world, thanks to compelling scientific evidence for their efficacy in reducing the risk of nutritional deficiencies.

A Protein is crucial after weight loss surgery. For your daily dose of protein, we offer Pure Whey Protein in 3 delicious flavors. Take it as a protein shake or add it to your favorite meal. Baribar will not be available anymore.

With a Personalized Plan, we make your daily vitamin routine smooth and easy. You’ll automatically receive multivitamins tailored to your surgery. Every 3 months, we deliver them to your door, so you never run out! With a Plan, you’ll also save 20% on every order. Control your delivery date, pause or stop at anytime without any obligations.

The validity of the offer is mentioned in the email you’ve received. If you can’t find the email or information, contact our customer care.

No, we ask you to order your subscription and provide us with your surgery type. After this, we will select and send your tailored multivitamins to you. With your Personalized plan you will automatically receive new supply every 3 months.

Just like before, you will receive the same good service from our team and our dietitian-staffed customer service. The opening hours for chat and phone are 8:30-11:30 on weekdays excluding weekends.

Your Baricol account will be closed after your first order of FitForMe products. After your order with FitForMe you will automatically receive a FitForMe account where you can manage your subscription and more!

Don’t worry, your Baricol account and your BariBuddy account are separate. This means that you can keep using BariBuddy as usual.

Yes you do. Our specialized dietitians are always happy to help.

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If you need us or have other questions, please let us know. We are happy to help.

Hours: Weekdays 8:30 am-11:30 am GMT / 9:30-12:30 CET (excluding public holidays)

Telephone: +44 (0)2039 364990

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