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Vitamin D

Vitamin D

Provide yourself with just that little extra support with Vitamin D. Supports the immune system. Contributes to strong bones, teeth and muscles. 90 units for 90 days


£19.95 per 90 days
  • Supports your immune system 
  • For the maintenance of strong muscles, bones, and teeth 
  • Recommended for seniors, pregnant women, and people with dark skin  
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Feel fit with only 1 tablet a day

How to use and store Vitamin D

This product does not contain any colourings, fragrances, or flavourings. The tablets are suitable for a vegetarian lifestyle and are easy to take. This makes FitForMe Vitamin D a smart choice. 

  • From 1 tablet a day* 
  • Intake with a meal
  • Water or a sugar-free drink aids in swallowing 

Discover more about this sunny vitamin

How Vitamin D Works

FitForMe Vitamin D is an easy-to-swallow tablet.This vitamin supports your immune system and helps maintain strong muscles, bones, and teeth. in addition, Vitamin D contributes to optimal calcium absorption. This makes Vitamin D indispensable, especially if you are over 50, pregnant, or have darker skin. Vitamin D also helps those who spend most of their time indoors.

We make a healthy life easy for you. That's why you can order FitForMe’s Vitamin D separately or as part of your subscription. That way, you don't have to think about your healthy lifestyle! 

Frequently asked questions


* Consult with your doctor first before buying additional vitamin D. Do not take more than the recommended dose. Supplements are an addition to your diet. Additionally, choose healthy and varied food and enough exercise. Are you 18 years or older or are you pregnant or breastfeeding? Then our Vitamin D can be used without problems.