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Trusted by 130,000+ people for their vitamin and mineral needs

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Trusted by 130,000+ people for their vitamin and mineral needs

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Trustpilot score: 4 out of 5

7 fashion tips while losing weight after surgery

Let’s be frank: shopping when you’re overweight can be a challenge. Perhaps you feel insecure, or clothes are uncomfortable or not fitting well. And your best option is to go to exclusive and more expensive plus-size shops. That’s going to change after weight loss surgery. Likely, you’re losing weight quickly. That’s great, but what to do with your wardrobe? Maybe you can’t afford to go shopping monthly. Besides, it’s not sustainable at all. This is why we give you handy fashion tips while you lose weight.

1. Give yourself a boost

While you might be a true fashionista, for someone else clothes can be just functional. And we know there’re more important things in life than fashion. Besides, you are already beautiful. Nevertheless, fashion can help accentuate those body parts you love and draw attention away from uncertainties. It can give your confidence a great boost. Of course, a sweat suit is comfortable, but you can also wear something pretty. Invest in yourself, even amid your losing weight journey. You deserve it.


2. Shop a new outfit

You want to treat yourself to a new outfit. But where to go shopping? Probably you still need a larger size in the first months after surgery. These days there are more plus-size options. Also, you have specialized customized shops. A bit more expensive, but with the benefits of personal advice and clothes that fit well for your body. Our tip? Don’t shop online but go to a boutique with the possibility of making an appointment.


3. Save money and go low budget

When you lose weight after surgery, it can go as fast as children outgrowing clothes. Don’t want to spend too much money? Check promotions or shop at thrift stores. Is sustainability important to you? Then go for a few basics of good quality. For example, switch 2 pairs of trousers with different tops. Style your outfit with accessories like a belt or jewelry. At the moment, oversized is the trend, so you can wear your clothes for the longer term. Another solution is giving them a makeover.


4. Swap, give away or sell clothes

A new wardrobe sounds great, but what about your “old” clothes? Firstly, you can swap items in Facebook groups, particularly for plus size. Do you have special or valuable clothes? Sell them on platforms like eBay or Vinted. But the most fulfilling is making another person happy, right? Give your clothes away via collection points or to friends. So you’ll know your precious outfit will get a second life.

Kirsten: “Haven’t worn a particular outfit for more than 6 months? Then it’s better to say goodbye. It creates space in your closet and your head.”


5. Reinvent yourself

Weight loss surgery is quite a journey. Sometimes the kilos are dropping so quickly, that you barely recognize yourself in the mirror. This can lead to all kinds of emotions. Give yourself time to get used to the new you. Not just how you look, but also when it comes to clothing. Go and explore new stores and just try all kinds of outfits. Discover your new style. Take a friend and ask for honest advice. And even if you’re still heavier than you’d like to be, try to accept your body as it looks now and be proud of it.


6. Choose comfortable clothing

When it comes to losing weight, feelings of happiness arise. But uncertainty can be experienced too and it doesn’t disappear just like that. Besides, not everyone loses weight in the same way. Excess skin often occurs after stomach reduction. And yes, you’re beautiful no matter what. But what’s wrong with helping yourself to feel good? Therefore, choose comfortable clothes. Try corrective underwear or tailored clothes for a perfect fit. It will encourage you to be your shining self.


7. Step out of your comfort zone

Comfortable doesn’t always mean the safe way. Now you’re losing weight and shopping gets easier, it’s time to step out of your comfort zone. Choose to dress differently. Go for that fancy robe or eye-catching belt. Pick a different model of jeans that fits your new body. Did you never wear boots because there were too tight? Just try them! Think of what you always wanted to wear when slim and go for it. You’ll be surprised that it will look awesome.


8. Safe a piece and make pictures

Safe a pair of trousers or a dress from your overweighed period and make pictures as well. Sometimes the mirror gives a distorted view, a picture shows reality. Besides by taking before and after pictures you can notice the difference between before and after. These before and after pics are often shared in Facebook groups as well. This helps to motivate and support each other.