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6 Ways to Start Exercising after WLS

Moving better and feeling more energetic are one of the biggest effects of weight-loss surgery. But how do you start exercising after WLS? What is safe and manageable, so you won't injure yourself? We've figured that out for you. Here are 6 ways to kick-start working out after WLS.

Start Easy and Listen to Your Body

Most important is not to start exercising too early after WLS. You can walk and cycle if that feels good, but wait 6 to 8 weeks before you start lifting weights and cardio training. Always follow your doctor’s advice on this too. When you start exercising, do it gently and build up slowly. Listen carefully to your body and take rest when needed. Build up to 2-3 workouts a week, which are a mix of low-impact cardio, resistance, and flexibility training such as yoga and Pilates. Because of the surgery, it's better to skip sit-ups and other abdominal exercises for a while.

Remember That Every Step Counts

When it comes to exercise, you might think of sweaty sessions in the gym or outdoors. And yes, that's valuable for an active life, but each step counts. So, try to walk or cycle daily. Do some stretching in the morning to wake up your body, take a break every hour - if you are back at work - to stand up or walk. Use the stairs instead of the lift and hop on your bicycle instead of the car to do shopping. Do all this only when it feels good, and your body allows it after surgery.

Prioritize Strength Training

One of the best ways to exercise - regardless age or gender - is strength training. This is because resilience training is good for strong bones, joints and building muscle. A strong body also helps to improve your posture and reduces the risk of injury. Weightlifting also contributes to lose less muscle mass through surgery. Always remember to start easy. Try light dumbbells or bodyweight only, or work with a personal trainer for guidance.

Did you know that it’s very important to get enough protein after WLS and even more when you’re working out? With a protein shake like Pure Whey Protein you can reach your protein intake to support your muscles and bones.

Ask for Personal Guidance

We realize it can be a bit frightening to start exercising after a Gastric Bypass, Sleeve or other WLS. Specially if you are not used to working out at all or if you are unsure what your body is capable of after surgery. In that case, it's always the right thing to ask for guidance. Make a personal training plan with a sports coach, preferably someone who specializes in WLS and recovery. Or discuss with your GP how to start exercising. Also, most clinics and hospitals have a sports program to get moving properly after bariatric surgery.

Stay on Track and Motivated

Starting to exercise once you have recovered is not the hardest part. Persistence and staying motivated is. As with nutrition, exercise is a long-term commitment. You have to be consistent to get all the benefits from it. This is why it's crucial to find a workout you enjoy. Moreover, being supported is the way to keep going. With BariBuddy, you can not only track your measurements, vitamin intake and health goals, but also participate in challenges with others who have undergone surgery. Besides its fun, research shows that people stick to their routine more easily when they get support and track their progress.

Don’t Ask Too Much of Yourself

During your post-WLS journey you’ll have good days but also moments that you want to give up and have no energy at all. That’s completely normal, and on those days it’s better not to ask too much of yourself. Even when you have other expectations, or if your progress is not going fast enough. Know that progress almost never goes up in a straight line. Give yourself time and remember where you’re coming from. Don’t expect yourself to be perfect, nobody is. This is a mindset change that is just as important as a strong, fit body.

Starting With Exercising After WLS? We Are Here for Support

Want to know more about exercising, how to get enough protein when working out, or do you have other questions? Feel free to contact us. Our team is happy to help.