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Trusted by 130,000+ people for their vitamin and mineral needs

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Trusted by 130,000+ people for their vitamin and mineral needs

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Trusted by 130,000+ people for their vitamin and mineral needs

Trustpilot score: 4 out of 5

Trustpilot score: 4 out of 5

Here's the Difference Between Regular and WLS Multivitamins

Have you ever wondered what the difference between regular and WLS vitamins is? Do you doubt whether you need multivitamins tailored to weight-loss surgery or whether supplements available over the counter are sufficient? The brief answer: it matters if you take WLS vitamins after your surgery. We will tell you exactly the reason why below.

The Main Difference Between Regular and WLS Vitamins

Standard multivitamins that you buy in shops or (online) drugstores are designed for people with an intact digestive system. After weight-loss surgery, a lot changes in your body. For instance, your stomach has been reduced in size and your intestines may have been bypassed. You also produce no or insufficient digestive juices such as stomach acid. That's why regular multivitamins are not the best choice for you.

These Are 3 Benefits of Multivitamins Formulated for Weight-Loss Surgery

1. Adequate and balanced concentration of what you need

A WLS vitamin contains essential vitamins and minerals, some in large quantities. All these nutrients, such as vitamin B12, iron, and vitamin D, are often deficient after bariatric surgery. After surgery, some vitamins are better absorbed. This applies, for instance, to vitamin A and vitamin B6, especially after Gastric Bypass. Therefore, you need less of these vitamins than what is in a standard multivitamin. In other words, a specialized multivitamin has the adequate balance to prevent both deficiencies and overdoses.

2.Tailored to your type of surgery

The changes in the body vary for each type of bariatric surgery. Meaning that nutrient absorption is different for a Gastric Bypass than a Gastric Sleeve. FitForMe develops supplements tailored to the different surgeries. This will ensure you get the amount of vitamins and minerals for your needs.

3.Optimal absorption

WLS supplements contain forms of vitamins and minerals that your body absorbs more easily. As such, you absorb organic nutrient compounds much more effectively. This applies, for example, to zinc citrate and copper gluconate. For people without bariatric surgery this does not matter as much. However, after surgery you absorb vitamins and minerals differently and less well, which is why the form is extra important. Most standard supplements contain less absorbable forms because they are cheaper. FitForMe supplements contain only easily absorbable forms.

What Is Special About WLS Multivitamins from FitForMe?

Nutrients in the right dosage

FitForMe Multivitamins contain all the important vitamins and minerals in the dosage for your surgery type. Such as zinc, which helps maintain a good resistance and contributes to normal hormone balance. It also contains iron that helps with fatigue, selenium which is beneficial for your hair and biotin that nourishes the skin from

It’s not magic, it’s science

FitForMe Multivitamins are more than standard supplements. They are regularly optimized, based on the latest science and independent studies.

Easy to take

All our multivitamins are available as easy-to-take capsules with water. Vitamins for a Gastric Sleeve and Gastric Bypass also come as chewable fruit-flavored vitamins. Ideal if you have trouble swallowing capsules.

Only 1 intake a day

With 1 daily multivitamin, it is easier to stick to your routine. Research shows that you are less likely to forget 1 daily vitamin than when you take several tablets.

Support for a Healthy Life

A WLS vitamin is essential to meet your specific needs after weight-loss surgery. So you can give yourself the support to remain fit and balanced.

Wondering which multivitamin is right for you and want to give it a try? Request your sample box here.