First things first: WLS Start

Are you scheduled for a weight loss surgery in 90 to 45 days? Prepare your body with WLS Start, the multivitamin before surgery.

The kickstart to a healthy life

Vitamin and mineral deficiency is common for people who are overweight or obese. After a gastric bypass, the risk of deficiency even increases. In addition, hair loss is a common complaint after surgery. With WLS Start you prepare your body well for the surgery. It helps to improve your blood values. And thanks to the high dose of zinc your hair stays strong.

  • Prepares your body for surgery
  • Helps improve your blood values
  • Contributes to healthy, strong hair
  • Only 1 multivitamin per day

Stay balanced after surgery

Weight loss surgery causes you to eat less and lose weight. However, your body also absorbs fewer vitamins and minerals. As a result, the risk of a vitamin and mineral deficiency is higher. Deficiencies can lead to all sorts of health issues. Avoid nutritional deficits by taking a daily multivitamin. Not only in the months after surgery, but throughout your life. Our multivitamins are formulated to ensure that you get exactly what you need after surgery and maintain a good balance. We offer personalized and convenient multivitamin subscriptions. Every 3 months you will receive new multivitamins at your doorstep.

How it works

Are you scheduled to have a weight loss surgery in less than 45 days?

You might already be able to start with a multivitamin tailored to your operation. Please contact us before taking it. We will be happy to advise you on what is best for you.

Ask for advice

Frequently asked questions

Prepare your body for sugrery with WLS Start. After surgery, you will need multivitamins tailored to your type surgery. Since you need take multivitamins every day for the rest of your life, you will receive them in a personalized plan. Every 3 months we deliver them to you at home home, so you are never run out.

After you have ordered and paid, you will receive WLS Start. You'll take WLS Start 90 to 45 days before surgery. Two weeks after surgery, you will receive your tailored multivitamins. You will pay for WLS Start and the plan separately. Why do we do this? Occasionally, the surgeon will change to a different type of surgery after you have already ordered with us. Since you will not take any multivitamins for 2 weeks after your surgery, there is time to change your plan free of charge if necessary. In that case, we can still send you the correct multivitamins.

You will have plenty to do in the weeks leading up to and after your weight loss surgery. The last thing you want to worry about is running out of multivitamins. Enroll in one of our plans to benefit from the convenience of automated renewals. We'll send you a new supply of multivitamins at a 20% discount every 3 months. You can change the delivery date, pause, or cancel your order anytime without any commitment. We make healthy living easy and fun.

A weight loss surgery reduces your body's ability to absorb vitamins and minerals. Unfortunately, the change is permanent. In order to prevent deficiencies and their symptoms, take multivitamins every day, throughout your life. It’s the best way to supplement your diet for more energy, balance, and a strong body.

It takes at least 45 days for a multivitamin to work. Taking multivitamins earlier will prepare your body for the high dosage of vitamins and minerals in multivitamins. In turn, it will reduce the risk of side effects like nausea. If you start taking multivitamins sooner, your body gets used to it. It will also be easier to keep taking multivitamins after your surgery. Will you have surgery within 45? You may be able to start with the multivitamin tailored to your operation. Please contact us first.

Taking vitamins is not always about taking more. In fact, too much can be harmful. It's about getting the right vitamins and minerals in the right proportions. Multivitamins available at a drugstore or supermarket are designed for an average healthy person. FitForMe believes everyone’s needs are different, which is especially true if you have had a weight loss surgery. Based on scientific research, we know which vitamins and minerals you need. Therefore, our multivitamins are uniquely formulated in the right proportions, tailored to your operation. FitForMe supplements help ensure you get the nutrients you need to feel healthy and fit.

Hair loss is caused by a shortage of zinc, iron, or protein. Unfortunately, it is a common side effect after weight loss surgery. It usually occurs in the first months after surgery. How is this possible? After surgery, your body is working hard to lose weight which causes other processes to slow down. It disrupts the production and quality of hair and nails. Multivitamins supplement shortages and support your health. The special feature of WLS Start is the high dose of zinc which contributes to the preservation of your hair.

Your body absorbs vitamins and minerals from food. They are found in fruits, vegetables, and dairy products, for example. Many people who lead unhealthy lifestyles or follow low-nutrient diets do not get enough vitamins and minerals. Your blood values represent the level of vitamins and minerals in your body. They can also reveal nutritional deficiencies. The healthier your blood values, the better prepared you are for surgery which lowers the risk of a deficiency after the operation.

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