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Need your next multivitamin supply on a different date? Go to My FitForMe to change this easily. Log in to your account, click on ‘Change’, and choose your preferred time in the calendar. This will change the date on which we ship your order. This is possible to change from the next working day to up to 90 days after the current shipping date. Your multivitamins will be delivered to your door within 1-2 business days. There’s no need to worry about your vitamin routine.

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We're so happy to have you as our customer, and we want you to be happy with FitForMe. Are you considering leaving us? Below you can find out how to cancel your Membership. Please tell us your most important reason for cancellation.

I have trouble taking my multivitamins

A multivitamin works most effectively when you take it daily. That’s why a routine is key. We understand that’s challenging if you struggle with taking multivitamins. These tips will help you make taking your multivitamins easier.

Take your multivitamin with or directly after a meal, or before bedtime – as long as you have food in your stomach. This will reduce the chances of nausea.

Capsules are easiest to swallow with a sip of water or a sugar-free drink. Move your chin toward your chest when swallowing the capsule.

Moisten a capsule with a little water from the tap. This keeps the outside of the capsule from sticking or getting stuck in your throat. Or open the capsule and mix the contents with sugar-free applesauce, mashed fruit, or other sugar-free liquid food.

Still having trouble with capsules? Choose a chewable vitamin if you use Forte or Opti. Want to try a chewable first? No problem. Reach out to our customer service.

Alternatively, if taking a chewable vitamin in one go doesn’t feel good either, break it into small pieces.

Do you use dairy products or calcium supplements? Don’t take them at the same time as the multivitamin. Be sure there is at least 2 hours in between taking the multivitamin and taking extra calcium or dairy.

I still have multivitamins left

Vitamins and minerals are essential for feeling good and having sufficient energy. A daily multivitamin is important to keep you healthy, today and throughout your life.

FitForMe multivitamins are tailored to you. They are formulated to give you the right vitamins and minerals every day and in the dosages you need.

What to do when you still have supply?

Pause your Membership if you don’t need a new delivery. By pausing you’ll keep your discount on your 3-month deliveries. Pausing is easy to do yourself via My FitForMe. Prefer to call us to make the change? We are happy to take care of it for you.

I do not see the added value anymore

Vitamins and minerals are essential for staying healthy. Nutrition deficiencies can lead to unpleasant consequences such as fatigue, insomnia, hair loss, poor skin, eye disorders, muscle weakness, and lowered resistance. You don’t always notice a deficiency immediately. The later you detect it, the harder it becomes to repair it. That’s why a vitamin routine is key. Prevention is better than cure!

Having doubts about taking multivitamins? Or do you have other questions? Our dietitians, who specialize in weight-loss surgery, are happy to answer them. Book your free call with a dietitian here.

I find it too expensive

Vitamins and minerals are essential for staying healthy and fit. Taking multivitamins reduces the risk of deficiencies – and also the chance of some future healthcare costs. A FitForMe Membership is more than just a low-cost subscription to multivitamins. It is an advantageous way of living a healthy lifestyle, today and in the future.

Pause your Membership if you currently do not need a new supply. By doing so, you keep your 16% discount on your 3-month multivitamin deliveries. Pausing is easy to do via My FitForMe. Prefer to call us to take care of it? We are happy to help you.

Would you like to align the delivery and payment of your Membership to coincide with your salary payouts? No problem. Simply set it up in My FitForMe. Just move the upcoming delivery to the shipping date in the calendar that matches the date of your paycheck. Or call us, and we'll arrange it for you.

Do you still want to cancel your Membership?

We're sorry to hear it, but of course we'll assist you. Call us so we can take care of it immediately. We'll cancel your next shipment in time, so you won't have any unexpected costs.

  • Call us on 1800 149 508
  • We are here for you, Monday – Friday from 9.00 – 12.00 and 13.00 – 17.00 AET.
  • Arranged immediately

Other ways to cancel

You can also cancel your Membership online. Go to My FitForMe and fill in the digital cancellation form. This will take longer to process, up to 1 week. We’ll always call you to make sure everything is arranged. This allows us to process your cancellation faster.

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