Easy overnight oats recipe

Do you have little time for breakfast in the morning? Are you looking for a breakfast to take with you on the go? Or is a sandwich weighing you down in the early morning? Then try overnight oats. A simple and nutritious breakfast (to go). You prepare overnight oats the night before. In the morning you just have to take it out of the fridge and add your favorite fruit. If necessary, you can warm the breakfast up a little. Easy peasy, healthy and super tasty!

Did you know... Oatmeal is packed with fiber? This will make your intestines happy! After all, fiber absorbs water and keeps your bowels moving, which makes for regular bowel movements. What's more, fiber gives you a feeling of satiety. Besides fiber, oats also contain proteins and important vitamins. That's why overnight oats are an ideal kickstart to your day.

What you'll need

For 1 person
    • half a banana
    • 100 ml skimmed, semi-skimmed or plant-based milk
    • 40 grams of oat flakes (approximately 3.5 tablespoons)
    • 1 scoop of peanut butter (peanut-based without added sugars)

How to prepare overnight oats

  • Make this dish in the evening before going to bed.
  • Use a sealable container or jar for a breakfast to go.
  • Cut the banana into pieces.
  • Mix the oatmeal, milk, banana and peanut butter together in the container or jar.
  • Seal with a lid and refrigerate overnight (about 8 hours).
  • In the morning, remove the overnight oats from the fridge and add fresh fruit to taste.
Tip from our dietician Solenne

Overnight oats can be adapted to your taste. Replace the banana with blueberries or strawberries, for example. Choose a tablespoon of unroasted, unsalted nuts instead of peanut butter. Make sure to choose healthy, fresh alternatives and no processed, sugar-rich products.

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