Vitamins and minerals: the heroes in our body

Vitamins and minerals work closely together and all do their part to keep you healthy and balanced.

Vitamins and minerals: the heroes in our body

Vitamins and minerals work closely together and all do their part to keep you healthy and balanced.

What happens after weight loss surgery?

Vitamins and minerals you get mainly through food. Because of a weight surgery you can only eat small portions. Your body also absorbs fewer vitamins and minerals. In addition, food intolerance occurs after surgery. This causes vitamin and mineral deficiencies. And that in turn can cause all sorts of symptoms such as fatigue, low resistance or depressed feelings.

Vitamins and minerals are indispensable

They're important for everyone, but especially for individuals after weight loss surgery. We believe that everyone's needs are different. In fact, not all weight loss surgeries are the same. We develop multivitamins especially for your type of operation.

Developed according to the latest scientific insights

Health and science are our main drivers. It’s no coincidence we prioritize research. All our multivitamins have been developed on the basis of scientific studies. In fact, our products have been part of several clinical trials. This is how we ensure the safety and efficacy of our multivitamins.

How our scientific studies contribute to your health

Restores vitamin and mineral deficiencies

The small intestine absorbs vitamins and minerals from food. After surgery, you can only eat small amounts. Also, in most gastric shortening surgeries, part of the small intestine is bypassed. In addition, your body makes less stomach acid and intrinsic factor (protein in the stomach wall). As a result, you absorb fewer vitamins and minerals. Our multivitamins prevent and supplement vitamin and mineral deficiencies.

Our multivitamin vs a standard multivitamin

Most multivitamins are designed for people with a healthy weight and intact digestive system. After weight loss surgery, you really need something different, more suited to your specific needs. FitForMe determines the right form, ratio, and dosage tailored to the different surgeries. We also ensure that your body can absorb the multivitamin properly. We regularly improve our multivitamins according to the latest scientific insights and independent studies with our own products.

Multivitamins and pregnancy

We know that obesity affects your hormone balance and fertility. A hindrance if you would like to become pregnant. A weight loss surgery can be a solution. Because in this way you lose weight and the balance in your hormones is restored. Both the operation and a pregnancy have an impact on your body. To ensure that you and your child remain in balance, you need sufficient vitamins and minerals. Our multivitamins contribute to this. Safe to use if you are pregnant or nursing.

The right dose of calcium

Calcium is an important mineral for strong bones, teeth and muscles. As you get older, your body absorbs less calcium. Weight loss surgery often results in insufficient calcium intake. A calcium deficiency can lead to osteoporosis. As a result, your bones break more easily and your teeth deteriorate faster. Calcium Soft Chew can help you ensure you meet the recommended amount of calcium.

The power of protein

Protein is another powerhouse that is important for maintaining strong bones. It also contributes to building, maintaining and repairing muscles. Because you receive and absorb less nutrition after surgery, it is essential to take extra protein.  Pure Whey Protein is specially developed to supplement your daily protein dose after your weight loss surgery.

Multivitamins from FitForMe

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