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WLS Primo

WLS Primo

WLS Primo helps you recover and stay fit after your Mini Gastric Bypass. The multivitamin is backed by scientific research and developed in collaboration with doctors, so you can be sure you’ll get what you need. Safe and effective. This can help you make a healthy choice, every day.


£59.00 per 90 days
  • Fully tailored to your needs after a Mini Gastric Bypass
  • Stay balanced with only 1 multivitamin a day
  • Easy-to-swallow capsule
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Easy daily balance

The Ease of WLS Primo

WLS Primo is available as a capsule. Is the capsule too big to swallow? Open the capsule and mix the content with sugar-free apple sauce or mashed fruit. This way, you’ll get all the nutrients you need.

  • Only 1 multivitamin a day
  • Take with food or before bedtime
  • A sip of water or a sugar-free drink helps the capsule go down

WLS Primo vs. the recommended daily dosage

Here you can see the dose of some nutrients in WLS Primo compared to the recommended daily amount for people without a Mini Gastric Bypass. Your needs have changed, so a tailored multivitamin is essential to avoid missing anything.

The Multivitamin after a Mini Gastric Bypass

Choose strength with WLS Primo

A Mini Gastric Bypass is a brave choice for a healthier life. Your digestive system has changed after surgery. That is why it is important to get easily absorbable nutrients in the dose that suits your new body.

WLS Primo is developed in collaboration with doctors and hospitals to support your health after your Mini Gastric Bypass. This is a single multivitamin that you take every day to help keep your new body strong and healthy – today and in the future.

Frequently asked questions


Supplements are an addition to your diet. Furthermore, choose healthy and varied food and enough exercise. Do not take more than the recommended dose. Use this product only if you have had a Mini Gastric Bypass and are 18 years or older. Are you pregnant or breastfeeding? Then you can use WLS Primo without any problems.