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Pure Whey Protein

Pure Whey Protein

Protein contributes to the maintenance of strong muscles and bones. Delicious as a protein shake or addition to a dish.




£40.95 per 90 days
  • To maintain strong bones and promote muscle growth 
  • Helps muscles recover after exercise 
  • Delicious as a protein shake or an additional ingredient in recipes 
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Your daily protein dose, at any time of day

How to use and store Pure Whey Protein

This protein powder is suitable for a vegetarian lifestyle. 

  • Natural: This product contains no added colourings, flavourings, or sweeteners. 
  • Strawberry: This product contains strawberry, raspberry, and blackberry aroma flavourings, beetroot red colouring, and sucralose as a sweetener. 
  • Vanilla: This product contains vanilla aroma flavourings and sucralose as a sweetener. 
  • Support your muscles with 30 grams of protein powder a day  
  • Take it at any time, spread out over the day 
  • Dissolve 30 grams in 200 millilitres of water or milk for a shake, or add to a variety of recipes 

Improve Fitness with Protein

How Pure Whey Protein Works

Pure Whey Protein is a source of protein, folic acid, and calcium. Protein is important for the maintenance of strong bones and muscles, just like calcium. We make a healthy lifestyle simple. That's why you can easily increase your protein intake by adding Pure Whey Protein to your daily food. 

Have a protein shake every day in addition to your protein-rich food. Dissolve 30 grams of Pure Whey Protein in 200 millilitres of water or milk (skimmed or semi-skimmed), and mix it in a shaker or blender. Or add the protein powder to a range of dishes, but don’t heat it above 100 °C. Supporting your muscle strength, bones, and energy level has never been so tasty! 

Frequently asked questions


Supplements are an addition to your diet. Furthermore, be sure to choose healthy and varied food and get enough exercise. Do not take more than the recommended dose. Use this product only if you are 18 years or older. Are you pregnant or breastfeeding? Then you can use Pure Whey Protein without any problems.