5 tips for a healthy summer

It’s time for holidays, hot temperatures, backyard dinners and lazy beach days. That’s lovely, but temptations that we normally find easier to resist are also more likely to appear. In this blog, we share how to enjoy and stay healthy this summer.

1. Stick to your routine

Habit: the word speaks for itself. It's something you're used to do. But when life suddenly looks different, it becomes harder to hold on to habits. In summer, the daylight is out longer. Our lives take part more outside and we are off on well-deserved vacation. As a result, we get out of our usual rhythm more easily.

In other words, what to do? Stick to your routine, even in summer! Continue to eat 6 small, healthy portions. Take multivitamins for your weight loss surgery, calcium supplements and protein each day at a set time. After all, only by sticking to taking them is it possible to keep yourself in good health and the risk of deficiencies low. Make sure you have enough supply and pack your multivitamins when you go on a summer adventure.

2. Go for delicious and healthy meals

A refreshing ice cream on a hot beach day. French fries after a swim. A barbecue with friends or family on a warm summer evening. It all seems to taste a bit better in summer. However, we can make healthy and tasty choices regarding food. Even on vacation, eat plenty of fruit and vegetables, limited sugar, and lean meat. Believe us, there are SO many easy summer recipes to enjoy. Consider these summer salads, a healthy barbecue, or this guilt-free ice cream . Tastes just as good but leave you feeling better.

3. Drink lots of water

When temperatures rise, we crave a cold drink. Quench your thirst with a beer, wine, or soda? Rather not, because they’re packed with sugars and calories. Moreover, beer and wine have a negative impact on the absorption of vitamins and minerals. Instead, go for water. Ideally 1.5 liters a day. By drinking water, you stay hydrated and your body gets rid of toxins. It also decreases your sense of hunger. Feeling hungry? Have a glass or 2 of water before eating something. Want something other than water anyway? Go for sugar-free lemonade, coffee, or tea (not too much and without milk and sugar). Or treat yourself to a summer mocktail.

4. Keep on moving

Grab a drink or hit the gym after a busy day at work? Laying out on vacation or rising early to go for a run? Well, we understand that in the summer it's more tempting to skip your gym session. That said, exercise remains essential to staying balanced. However, something you can do is tweak your workout. Go for a walk after dinner when it cools down or early in the morning and catch the stunning sunrise. Or dive into the pool for a few laps. If you keep up your exercise, it takes much less effort to really get back into it after the break.

5. Take back the lead

Did you overeat while on vacation after all? Did you exercise less than you planned? Don't stress over it. We're all humans and it happens to all of us. Forgive yourself and go back to what you’ve started. Keep a food diary for a couple of days. Take a walk every day and make time to cook and prepare healthy meals. Write down your goals and review them regularly. And don't forget to note your successes. That motivates you when you need it most.

We are here this summer, too

We often say it: Weight loss surgery on its own won't solve obesity. Your lifestyle and mindset are just as important to stay fit and keep the kilos off. So, continue to work on your health and healthy habits each day.

In need of help or questions about your health, nutrition, or multivitamins? Let us know. Our dietitians are happy to help.