Tip van onze diëtist Solenne

Iets anders proberen dan courgette? Ga voor aubergine. Ook deze mediterraanse groente is heerlijk in combinatie met zongedroogde tomaatjes en feta.

Protein-rich oatmeal pancakes

Breakfast or lunch with pancakes? We wouldn’t say no to that. But then please a protein-rich and healthy version. That’s totally fine with these oatmeal pancakes. Nutritious, high in fiber, full of protein and therefore a perfect start to your (mid)day! The taste is delicious and the pancakes look festive. So you can also serve them to your guests for brunch.

Did you know... Oatmeal is rich in fiber and antioxidants? They are among the so-called slow, healthy carbohydrates. That's good for your brain, immune system and preventing big swings in your blood sugar. Plus, oatmeal makes you feel satiated. This will keep you going for a while!

This is what you need

For 1 serving
    • 50 grams of oatmeal
    • 1 egg
    • 100 milliliters of milk or vegetable version of milk
    • 1 tablespoon of low-fat cottage cheese
    • 25 grams Pure Whey Protein Natural
    • 50 grams raspberries or blueberries


In addition, you will need

    • hand blender or blender
    • bowl
    • non-stick pan

Here’s how to make oatmeal pancakes

  1. Add the oatmeal, milk and egg to a bowl. Blend finely with a hand blender until you get a smooth mixture. Or use a blender.
  2. Put a pan on the stove, add a small amount of oil or cooking butter and let warm.
  3. Pour some of the pancake mixture into the pan and fry over low heat.
  4. Use the lid of the pan to make the pancake solidify faster. Turn over in between and fry on both sides until golden brown.
  5. Place on a plate and make more pancakes with the remaining mixture.
  6. Serve the pancakes with cottage cheese and red fruit.
Tip from our dietician Solenne

These oatmeal pancakes already contain protein. Do you use Pure Whey Protein to get your daily protein intake? Then simply add it to the pancake mixture.

Consult dietician
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