Weight loss surgery: find out everything you need to know here

Weight loss surgery: find out everything you need to know here

First things first

Weight loss surgery is an operation to lose weight in cases of severe obesity. In addition, the surgery is performed to correct serious conditions caused by obesity. During surgery, the surgeon makes your stomach smaller. In some operations, the small intestine is also rerouted. This allows you to eat less and only small portions. It also decreases the feeling of hunger. This causes you to lose weight.

Did you know?

After a weight loss surgery, you take in less important vitamins and minerals and absorb less? And that it also differs per surgery? FitForMe has been using independent scientific research for more than 10 years, moreover our own products are also tested in independent studies. Therefore, our multivitamins are specifically tailored to the different surgeries. And they do what they promise.

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