Are you having surgery soon?

Are you having surgery soon?

Did you know…

That many people suffer from vitamin and mineral deficiencies? And that a weight loss surgery further increases the risk of nutritional deficiencies? FitForMe has developed multivitamins to use before and after surgery. By doing so, you prepare your body in the best way possible. After surgery, you keep everything in good shape. Not only in the months after surgery, but for life.

Stay balanced after rweight loss surgery

Because of the surgery, you eat less and your body absorbs fewer vitamins and minerals. To prevent shortages, take multivitamins every day. Our multivitamins are carefully formulated for your type of surgery. Safe, in the right dosage and ratio. So you get exactly what you need.

Is your question not listed or do you need personal advice?

Feel free to contact one of our FitForMe experts.
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