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WLS Optimum

Feel Healthy After Your Gastric Sleeve

Discover WLS Optimum: the multivitamin tailored to your needs after a Gastric Sleeve. This is how you can easily work towards a fit and healthy life every day.

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Why multivitamins after a Gastric Sleeve?

A Gastric Sleeve is a surgery in which your stomach is reduced to about the size and shape of a banana. Due to the procedure, your digestive system has changed and you eat much less. Therefore, you lose weight, which helps you become healthier faster.

Unfortunately, after a Gastric Sleeve, you also absorb fewer vitamins and minerals than before. Your reduced stomach produces much less stomach acid and intrinsic factor: 2 important substances for digestion. This can lead to unpleasant consequences. To maintain a healthy balance after your surgery, we have developed WLS Optimum.

This is WLS Optimum

  • Tailored to your surgery
  • The ease of only 1 multivitamin a day
  • Easy intake and absorption
  • Based on and proven by science

Why WLS Optimum?

WLS Optimum has been developed in collaboration with doctors and hospitals, based on continuous scientific research. After surgery, your body requires a different vitamin and mineral routine. WLS Optimum is tailored to your needs to help you feel strong and healthy, every day.

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Support your Health to the Max


  • Supports digestion, bones, and teeth
  • Contains easily absorbable calcium and vitamin D3
  • Soft chewable tablet in fresh lemon or raspberry flavour


  • For the maintenance of strong bones and muscle growth
  • Easily get your proteins after your Gastric Sleeve
  • Delicious as a protein shake and in recipes

Want to try our multivitamins first?

Order a sample box and test out the multivitamins for your type of weight-loss surgery.

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Want to try our multivitamins first?

Order a sample box and test out the multivitamins for your type of weight-loss surgery.

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Choosing a Gastric Sleeve is a huge decision. We get that and that is why we are here to help – not only by providing our scientifically proven multivitamins, but also by offering personalized advice. Because you deserve to be happy and healthy.

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