Multivitamins and Pregnancy: What You Need to Know

Yes, you're pregnant! Of course, you want to ensure your baby grows and your pregnancy goes smoothly. Every pregnant woman can be at risk of vitamin and mineral deficiencies. After weight loss surgery this risk is even higher. In this blog, we'll tell you all about the importance of multivitamins during pregnancy. 

Why multivitamins during pregnancy?

When you're pregnant, it's essential to get enough vitamins and minerals. This not only supports your health but also your baby's. Folic acid and vitamin D are particularly recommended for pregnant women.

Why are multivitamins even more important after weight loss surgery?

Do you have had a stomach reduction and are you pregnant? The surgery can reduce the amount of nutrients and how well you absorb them. Having a baby in your belly combined with reduced intake and absorption increases the risk of deficiencies. This can lead to complications during pregnancy and can have an impact after birth.

Research with pregnant women after weight loss surgery reveals that those who used WLS Optimum or WLS Forte had better blood levels than women taking a standard multivitamin or a pregnancy vitamin. So for your and your baby's well-being, it is recommended to start taking a WLS vitamin tailored to your surgery even before pregnancy. You also need a WLS vitamin during and after your pregnancy.

No one-size-fits all

However, there are significant individual differences between women in need for extra vitamins and minerals. It can also be varied from one trimester to the next. Therefore, it is so important to have your blood checked every trimester. This helps prevent deficiencies.


What are the benefits of WLS Multivitamins during pregnancy after weight loss surgery?

  • They meet your needs for vitamins and minerals after surgery
  • They help reduce or prevent deficiencies such as vitamin B12, vitamin A, vitamin D, iron, and folic acid
  • They increase the chances of a safe pregnancy
  • They provide extra support you and your baby need
  • They contribute to better blood values


What is the most suitable multivitamin?

When it comes to taking vitamins and minerals, it's not always about more. It’s about the right amount, dosage, and form. Too many vitamins can even be harmful. There is often extra concern about vitamin A. The same study with WLS Optimum and WLS Forte among 119 pregnant women found that there was only 1 woman with elevated vitamin A values. No information was available about food intake, so that may have had influence. 

Vitamins tailored to your surgery

This research thus shows that WLS Forte and WLS Optimum are preferable to a standard multivitamin or pregnancy multivitamin. A standard (pregnancy) multivitamin, in fact, cannot meet all your needs. This is why you should take a WLS Vitamin so you get what you need.

FitForMe Multivitamins are scientifically proven and fully tailored to your type of surgery. They help keep you in balance and can be used during your pregnancy.

Important advice

Also, keep in mind that there is not one size fits all. We advise you to keep using a WLS Vitamin and to have your blood values checked each trimester. This way, you can be sure that everything is in order and, if necessary, start with extra supplements in time.

Do you want to get pregnant after your weight loss surgery? Always contact the hospital or clinic where you had the surgery. This way, you can get the right care and check if there are risks.

Need help? Let us know

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