Boost Your Day with Protein Coffee

First thing in the morning? A lot of people would say ‘coffee’. We get that, however it’s best not to drink too much coffee after bariatric surgery. We recommend ½ cup of coffee a day. Can’t miss your favorite black gold and want to make it healthier? Add a scoop of whey protein to increase your daily protein, which is essential after surgery. Drink your protein coffee hot or cold. Tastes great and it’s super easy to make. So, go for it!

Did you know that…

That protein is good for strong muscles, muscle growth and muscle recovery? Due to your surgery, you’ll get less protein because you eat and absorb less. This is why it’s important to be aware of your protein intake. Pure Whey Protein is especially designed for bariatric surgery. Take this protein powder alongside to protein-rich food, as protein shake or adding to your favorite recipe.

You'll need this

For 1 serving

How to make Protein Coffee

  1. Make a ½ cup of coffee.
  2. Add almond milk (or variational milk) and a scoop of Pure Whey Protein, stir well to avoid lumps.
  3. Prefer it cold? Let the coffee cool and add ice cubes. Yes, it’s that simple!

Tip from our dietician Solenne

The reason why coffee isn’t recommended when you’ve had bariatric surgery is because coffee is made using carbon dioxide. This can cause gas bubbles in your small stomach, which can lead to stomach problems. Therefore, stick to ½ coffee a day.

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