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Did you have a weight loss surgery?

If so, you’ve taken the first, brave step to a healthier life! The operation has a major impact, physically and mentally. We understand that very well. Therefore, we would like to support you on your way to a healthy, new lifestyle.

Taking your health to the next level

After a weight loss surgery, the risk of vitamin and mineral deficiencies is high. This is because you eat less and consume less nutrients. Did you know that it also differs per operation? That’s why we have developed multivitamins tailored to your operation. Scientifically based and researched. In the right proportion and dosage. So you get exactly what you need. For more energy and balance.

Meet FitForMe

For a Balanced New You

Bariatric surgery changes your need for vitamins and minerals for good. With that in mind, we have developed exclusive, safe multivitamins, tailored to your surgery type. We help you with every step of your wellbeing journey and make staying on track easy for you – now and for a lifetime.

  • 18 years of scientific research
  • Free delivery worldwide
  • Personal advice from dieticians
  • Live healthier, easier, with your Subscription
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"When my supply is almost gone, I already get an email that the next shipment is on its way. This way I am never without it."

Weight loss surgery is a big change in your life, FitForMe helps you on this journey with their fantastic customer service and quality supplements. Every day I enjoy taking the WLS forte and calcium soft chew.