WLS Vitamins: What you need to know

You've taken the brave step of undergoing weight-loss surgery for a healthier life. But how do you ensure you remain fit and balanced, especially long after surgery? WLS vitamins are here to assist. Find out how they work and which WLS multivitamin is right for you.

What is a WLS Vitamin?

A WLS multivitamin is packed with all the crucial vitamins and minerals needed post-bariatric surgery. A WLS vitamin typically includes Vitamin B12, Vitamin C, Vitamin D3, folic acid, zinc, and iron – nutrients essential for maintaining physical and mental fitness. Taking a daily WLS vitamin complements your diet and supports your health optimally.

    Why do you need WLS vitamins?

    Many people with obesity suffer from vitamin and mineral deficiencies, which can be due to:

    • Unhealthy eating habits
    • Dilution of volume. Nutrients get stored in a larger liver, more blood, and fat tissue, reducing nutrient concentration
    • Conditions arising from obesity, such as diabetes and fatty liver disease
    • Chronic inflammation in the body
    • Hormonal imbalances

    Potential consequences of vitamin and mineral deficiencies

    Deficiencies are not always immediately noticeable, but they can have negative long-term effects. Starting a WLS multivitamin like WLS Start before surgery can help reduce or prevent deficiencies. Post-surgery, the risk of deficiencies increases for several reasons.

      1. Deficiencies may occur due to reduced food intake and nutrient absorption, caused by:

      All surgeries involve a reduction in stomach size. Here you can see the stomach after a Gastric Bypass. Click here for other surgeries.

      2. Deficiencies also arise from decreased absorption of vitamins and minerals:

      Stomach acid is necessary for releasing vitamins and minerals from food and converting non-heme iron into heme iron, the form we can absorb.

      Here you can see a Gastric Sleeve. Click here for other surgeries.

      The physical changes in your body are permanent. Therefore, WLS vitamins are essential after every type of weight-loss surgery. By continuing to take tailored multivitamins, you keep your body strong and healthy, not just for today but for life.

      Why WLS vitamins from FitForMe?

      FitForMe develops multivitamins based on scientific research. Thanks to working closely with doctors and hospitals, we understand your post-operative needs. After weight-loss surgery, you may absorb some vitamins and minerals better, while you'll need much more of others. That's why correct dosages are essential. Furthermore, the form and ratio of a vitamin or mineral are crucial.

      For example, organic minerals are absorbed better than non-organic ones. Also, vitamins and minerals can interact to improve absorption, like calcium and vitamin D. However, they can also impede each other, like iron and calcium. A standard multivitamin can't meet these specific needs, but FitForMe does take care of that.

      Which FitForMe WLS vitamin suits my surgery?

      Different weight-loss surgeries involve varying procedures, including how much of the stomach is removed and where the small intestine is rerouted. Hence, everyone's vitamin and mineral needs are not the same, and you need a WLS vitamin tailored to your surgery type. FitForMe offers 4 different WLS vitamins, each responsibly composed in the correct dosage and ratio to ensure you get enough to stay fit.

      Other supplements after weight-loss surgery

      Besides a WLS vitamin, it's essential to monitor your protein and calcium intake. Protein contributes to muscle maintenance, building, and strengthening, as well as muscle recovery after physical activity. Calcium supports your digestion, bones, and muscles. As you age, your calcium absorption decreases. After weight-loss surgery, this risk is even greater. If you have (other) deficiencies, always check with your doctor which supplements you may need.


      • Supports digestion, bones, and teeth
      • Contains easily absorbable calcium and vitamin D3
      • Soft chewable tablet in fresh lemon or raspberry flavor


      • For the maintenance of strong bones and muscle growth
      • Easily get your proteins after your surgery
      • Delicious as a protein shake and in recipes

      How to best take a WLS vitamin?

      Take a WLS vitamin during or right after your lunch or dinner, not on an empty stomach. This minimises the chance of feeling sick. To ease swallowing, moisten the capsule with a bit of tap water. Swallow the capsule with a sip of water, a sugar-free drink, or with your meal's last bite. Do not take a WLS vitamin with calcium (dairy or supplements) as it can reduce iron absorption from the WLS vitamin. Therefore, allow a 2-hour gap between taking the WLS vitamin and calcium. If you struggle with capsules, opt for a WLS chewable vitamin if available for your surgery type.

      Take your WLS vitamin during or just after your meal
      Take your WLS vitamin easily with a sip of water

      Experience of others

      ”I was always skeptical about using nutritional supplements, but after a medical procedure, it was highly recommended by the specialist. FitForMe has helped to ensure that my values are always good. Furthermore, it is nice that FitForMe always restocks on time. I am glad that I chose them.”

      FitForMe Cutomer

      ”After my weight loss surgery, I came in contact with FitForMe. They helped me to take the right supplements. I feel great!”

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      Want to try a WLS vitamin?

      If you'd like to test, taste, and try our WLS vitamins, let us know! Request a Sample Box now.

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      Want to try a WLS vitamin?

      If you'd like to test, taste, and try our WLS vitamins, let us know! Request a Sample Box now.

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